Kreative Candle Co.

About KC
About KC

Kreative Candle Co. is a faith-based company delivering phenomenal products within the United States. Our products are hand poured in-house with paraffin wax and utilize top quality ingredients. Each candle provides a unique feeling and fragrance from the moment you open the box to the last ounce left. 

With over 50 hours of burn time, each candle delivers a special scent and experience into your home. You can even customize the container to make sure it’s right for you and every person on any occasion. 

If you truly love to infuse your space with premium fragrances for hours on end, Kreative Candle Co. is burning to meet your needs.

Our candles focus on having a longer-than-average burn time. We offer unique scents that change with the times and seasons. 

Kreative Candle Co. will provide a quality experience from the moment you consider a purchase to the last burn of each candle; we are driven by quality customer service. 

Constant interaction with our customers keeps us and our customers engaged. 

We partner candle making with events near and far. 

We will use our work to help serve and give back to the community.